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Utsikt fra Høgkneppen
Utsikt fra Høgkneppen

Sykkelhjulet.no is a Norwegian web page who have the intention to show you how to get out into the wild with your bike.

Sykkelhjulet is actually the norwegian word for one particular wheel on the bike in singular form. So basicly it translates to “The Bicycle Wheel”.

Sykkelhjulet.no has everything from simple service tips to more intricate challenges such as building your own bike. The main writer at Sykkelhjulet.no has good experience in repairing bikes and building bicycles.

Most focus on exercise, exercise and exercise all over again. The bike does not necessarily have to be used for this. Sykkelhjulet.no tries to focus on the joy of cycling. Whether you have a bike for 699kr from Biltema or a self-built marvel that none of the insurance companies dare to insure. It may be that your goal is one of the major races like the norwegian Birken or that it is simply to get out.

Currently, Sykkelhjulet.no is concentrated on Trondheim, Orkdal and Trollheimen. In 2019 there will be several areas, but it is not quite certain which one yet. It is everything from small, cozy rides to the more hard-hilly hikes. Common to most of the journeys described is that they are intended for mountain bike or bike. It involves slightly steeper terrain, but the more joy.

Do you want to explore the wilderness this year? Why don’t you try out one of the many tips from Sykkelhjulet.no?

Safe journey!