Summer and biking pleasure

Av Christian Jensen31. March 2019

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Amazing sunset at Byavatnet
Amazing sunset at Byavatnet

It’s only 5 days since it was spring equinox and now it’s time for daylight saving time. Hopefully your watches have set themselves. If you have watches off the offline version, you have hopefully already made an effort to adjust them to the correct time. And if you are in doubt about which way you should set them, then it is always towards summer.

For us toddler parents who use the evenings for exercise, it means an hour extra light. In addition to the sun standing around 3 minutes longer in the sky for each passing day, the extra hour is really welcome. In practice, this means that we have daylight from about 07:00 to about 20:00. And what is called dawn from about 20:00 to 20:40. Of course, this is weather dependent. It also doesn’t take many weeks until we no longer have the definition night, even though it’s pretty dark out.

Now: Go get your bike and get out!

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