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Av Christian Jensen3. March 2019


At ISPO Munich, I visited RECCO and had a very interesting talk with one of their representatives. It turned out that RECCO has a technology that is really suitable for us mountain bikers.

I have previously written about the importance of learning how to navigate using compass and maps. When cell coverage is poor and the temperature often drops, the battery dies sooner than it normally would. And when one is out in the wilderness without analoge instruments or with out knowledge on how to use them, the journey back to safety will be a tough one.

As long as you are conscious the chances are that you can get help, but what if you fall and are not capable of triggering the emergency system? What if you batteries are dead? Then it may take a long time to be found.

RECCO reflector attaches easily to your helmet 
© RECCO / Anton Enerlöv Photography
RECCO reflector attaches easily to your helmet 
© RECCO / Anton Enerlöv Photography

The RECCO system is based on radar technology with the passive reflector responding to a specific signal and reflecting it to the active device (detector). The detector is a transmitter/receiver used by SAR teams. It comes in the form of a large ball looking device hanging under a helicopter.

And now you may think that this is not a valid option because you are depending on this active device. But there are many countries that have RECCO detectors. Many countries has a large list of them.

The coverage of Norway is actually very good, and in Europe there are many SAR (Search and Rescue) units that make use of the technology. The most important thing is to inform others that you are carrying such a device so that those who are searching for you are made aware of it.

Best of all, you now get the passive antenna in several shapes. Before, you were dependent on having it in clothes, but now you also get it with double-sided tape for fastening on for example helmets. The selection of RECCO reflectors can be used both in summer and winter and is a cheap one-time investment. There are no subscription costs, no batteries and no need for maintenance. In fact, there is no reason not to buy such a device.

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